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This website contains archived materials provided for historical reference purposes only. The content and links are no longer maintained and may be outdated. SIL's current website is, and it includes a Software & Fonts section.

SIL has developed more than 60 pieces of software to support the work of its fieldworkers; most available to the public for free download. This on-line catalog contains product descriptions, download or purchasing instructions, and technical support information, including the latest SIL software Service Bulletins.

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FontUtils (Experimental)

Current version: 0.10, released November 16, 2007

The Font::TTF::Scripts Perl module provides a number of command line tools for manipulating TrueType fonts. The tools (and the supporting library package Font::TTF) have been available to Perl users for a number of years, and they are an essential tool of NRSI's font development processes.

Now these scripts have been packaged as standalone Windows executables, making them usable by those who do not have Perl. For Perl users the most up-to-date sources can be retrieved from our Subversion repositories.

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